Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seeking Alpha: Hoya Corp Managing For Growth *And* Margins

Japan's Hoya Corp. (OTCPK:HOCPY) is what I think a lot of American investors wish more Japanese companies were like. Hoya focuses on markets where it has strong share (instead of operating numerous sub-scale businesses), continually looks to drive out costs and improve margins, and is comparatively eager to consider M&A and the return of capital to shareholders. It also happens to operate solid businesses, with the company's legacy electronics and imaging businesses producing good cash flow and the health care and medical businesses offering better long-term growth.

Where Hoya is more like typical Japanese equities is in valuation. Japanese equities frequently trade with lower implied discount rates, which can make it hard to find attractively-priced companies by DCF methodologies. I liked Hoya six months ago despite some reservations about valuation, and the shares have risen another 12% since then (about 16% for the Tokyo-listed 7741.T shares). Hoya doesn't look undervalued, but the company has an opportunity to make value-building acquisitions today and I'd at least consider keeping this name on a watch list.

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Hoya Corp Managing For Growth *And* Margins

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