Thursday, July 12, 2018

AngioDynamics Slowly Building Confidence In Its Turnaround

The current CEO of AngioDynamics (ANGO) has referred to his restructuring plan at times as “fixing the plane while its flying”, and that’s not a bad description. Years of questionable management choices and changes in direction left AngioDynamics with a dated, not particularly competitive, line-up of products that have long consigned the company to weak growth and feeble margins, but management’s restructuring plans look sensible and achievable.

Investing in AngioDynamics means taking some measure of a leap of faith that those restructuring efforts will lead to actual organic revenue growth – something the company has lacked for the better part of a decade – and improved margin leverage. The valuation would seem to suggest that the market is still skeptical that AngioDynamics can ever achieve meaningful growth, leaving some upside for intrepid investors if management can in fact deliver.

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AngioDynamics Slowly Building Confidence In Its Turnaround

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