Thursday, July 12, 2018

Broadcom: Crazy Like A Fox, Or Just Barking Mad?

Sooner or later, every highly acquisitive company will do a deal that investors don’t like and that analysts roundly second-guess. Given that Broadcom (AVGO) does most things on a larger scale, I suppose it stands to reason that when they step outside the box for an acquisition, they step way outside the box.

To call Broadcom’s proposed acquisition of CA Inc. (CA) controversial is to strain the word almost to a point of absurdity. As of this writing, the market is set to wipe away over $15 billion in market value from Broadcom, suggesting that the $19 billion deal is a huge, huge mistake. Although I do believe that this deal is a very risky, and largely unnecessary, leap into the unknown, it would seem that the extreme initial reaction is going to create a buying opportunity for at least those Broadcom investors who still remain in the “in Hock we trust” camp.

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Broadcom: Crazy Like A Fox, Or Just Barking Mad?

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