Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Life Sciences Performing Well For Danaher

Danaher (DHR) continues to show why it’s one of the more highly-regarded conglomerates; second quarter revenue and margin leverage will most likely be on the good side of average in what is shaping up as a pretty good quarter for multi-industrials. In particular, Danaher’s pivot toward life sciences and healthcare seems like a strong move that will not only drive above-average growth but also above-average margins and below-average cyclicality.

Danaher shares have been pretty lackluster over the past three months, though they continue to stack well on a year-to-date and 12-month basis. These shares are still not what I would call cheap, but waiting for a good entry point with this stock often takes time and patience – those opportunities come, but they don’t come often and investors have to make peace with the risk of being on the outside of a pretty well-run company in the meantime.

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Life Sciences Performing Well For Danaher

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