Thursday, September 27, 2018

BorgWarner Bumping Along The Bottom In Search Of A Spark

Vehicle components supplier BorgWarner (BWA) continues to sputter along, having not really gone anywhere over the past three months after a nasty decline from the highs to start the year. BorgWarner’s peak-to-today drop has actually exceeded the overall parts sector (down 25% versus down about 15%), even though the company’s actual performance hasn’t been that bad and its positioning for the future transition to hybrids and electrics look good.

I think BorgWarner is cheap enough to warrant serious consideration, but this will probably take more patience to work out. I don’t see a big turnaround in the U.S. car market next year, and I don’t feel all that comfortable counting on a big turnaround in volume in China either. That leaves the shares in a sort of performance no man’s land. I do believe these shares will be at a higher level next year as investors start looking ahead to better auto volumes and gaining more confidence about the path forward for hybrid and electric programs.

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BorgWarner Bumping Along The Bottom In Search Of A Spark

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