Sunday, September 16, 2018

Broadcom Beats, But Rebuilding Confidence Takes Time

Short of repudiating the CA (CA) acquisition and announcing a huge buyback, there’s really not much Broadcom (AVGO) could have done with its fiscal third quarter results that would restore enthusiasm for the shares back to its pre-deal announcement levels. And frankly, I’m not sure that would have done it either, as the shares had been trending down since late November anyway.

There are still a lot of positives to the Broadcom story, including a very strong market position in switch silicon, underrated (still) capabilities in heavy-duty AI ASICs, and cash-generating businesses in areas like networking ASICs and enterprise storage. Add in a possibly improving Wireless business and an undemanding valuation, and I believe Broadcom shares still have a lot of appeal. Set against that appeal are the concerns about Broadcom going too far out of its area of expertise with the CA deal and a wider slowdown in the chip space.

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Broadcom Beats, But Rebuilding Confidence Takes Time

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