Thursday, September 20, 2018

More Clarity On Honeywell's Spinoffs And A Boost To Guidance

There's an ongoing tug of war in the industrial sector between analysts and investors who believe the end is nigh and that the cycle is going to start showing real signs of slowing next year, and the people who actually run those companies who believe business conditions remain strong. While many short-cycle industrials have picked up a little momentum lately, longer-cycle Honeywell (HON) has remained a strong performer throughout, with the shares arguably replacing 3M (MMM) as the must-own in the space.

In relatively short order, Honeywell will become a smaller, more profitable, and faster growing company as it completes the spinoffs of Garrett Motion (GTX) and Resideo Technologies. Spinning these two businesses should, in turn, lead to higher multiples for Honeywell as it will improve the company's margins, returns, and growth prospects. As all of that is going on, Honeywell continues to enjoy healthy demand across many of its businesses, with certain categories (aerospace, UOP, and automation in particular) looking like they have more to give. I've been a steady fan of Honeywell for a while, but given where the shares now sit in terms of valuation, I can't be quite as enthusiastic as before.

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More Clarity On Honeywell's Spinoffs And A Boost To Guidance

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