Thursday, September 27, 2018

OceanFirst On A Solid Footing For Future Growth

With not a lot else going on, September is a popular month for sell-side conferences and company investor/analyst days. Although these are great opportunities to learn more about companies you care about, it does tend to lead to a bit of a backlog if you follow a relatively longer list. Even so, OceanFirst Financial’s (OCFC) first-ever investor day hit a lot of the important notes on how and why I believe this New Jersey-based community bank is well on its way to above-average growth in the coming years.

The only modeling changes post-event are mostly minor and don’t move my fair value estimates meaningfully. I continue to believe that OceanFirst is undervalued and priced to generate a double-digit annualized return for several years to come.

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OceanFirst On A Solid Footing For Future Growth

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