Thursday, September 20, 2018

MetLife Continues To Languish In An Out-Of-Favor Sector

Maybe the nicest thing I can say about MetLife (MET) is that it has suffered no worse than its sector, with the shares down 4% over the past year and more or less in line with Lincoln (LNC) and Prudential (PRU), while Unum (UNM) has fallen more than 20%. The issues for investors remain more or less the same – worries about spread pressure, worries about credit quality risk in fixed income, worries about the growth potential of mature markets, and probably most importantly, worries about the status of reserves in long-term care insurance books.

I continue to believe MetLife is undervalued, but it’s hard to identify a catalyst for a turnaround in sentiment. A successful/benign completion of its actuarial review of its LTC business would certainly help, but I think investors are firmly in the “we’ll believe it when we see it” camp when it comes to the potential of the LTC business, as well as the company’s cost-cutting targets and growth initiatives. I continue to see fair value in the low-to-mid $50s, which when combined with the dividend, suggests a pretty good return for this unpopular name.

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MetLife Continues To Languish In An Out-Of-Favor Sector

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