Thursday, September 27, 2018

Marinus Looks Like More Than A Me-Too

Developing safe and effective drugs is hard, and doing so in the CNS space is even harder than normal. Add in worries that your lead (and only) drug is just a “me-too” product doomed to languish in the shadow of a celebrated advance in the field, and I suppose it makes sense that Marinus (MRNS) would have well-above average volatility.

I may be fundamentally mistaken, but I believe Marinus’s drug ganaxolone is more than just an attempt to hitch a ride on the coattails of Sage Therapeutics’ (SAGE) lead drug brexanolone. While Sage will likely enjoy a meaningful head start getting its drug to market in post-partum depression, I don’t believe that lead will cripple Marinus, and I believe there’s still upside here if ganaxolone proves to be a respectable second-place finisher.

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Marinus Looks Like More Than A Me-Too

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