Monday, October 15, 2018

A Rough Summer Has Knocked Calyxt Down

So far, not so good for my late June high-risk/high-reward call on Calyxt (CLXT). The “high risk” part has certainly come through promptly, but shareholders have seen the shares sell off about 25% after a summer that certainly offered more bad news than good, highlighted by the surprising resignation of the CEO in late August only a couple of months after the equally-surprising resignation of the CFO, and a decision in Europe that puts the acceptance and development of gene-edited crops at risk.

Assessing these developments is not easy. Both executives may have had disagreements with the board of directors and/or Cellectis (CLLS), which still controls the company, and those disagreements may have included the unusual business model Calyxt is pursuing with its high-oleic soybeans and other consumer-oriented products. It is also possible that they saw fundamental issues with the technology and/or its path to commercial acceptance. Unfortunately there’s really no way to know at this point, and the one remedy I do have is to increase my discount rate to account for greater risk and uncertainty.

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A Rough Summer Has Knocked Calyxt Down

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