Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Improving End-Markets And Market Share Not Enough For Cummins

Investors are definitely conflicted about machinery stocks these days, with mining and ag doing well, but a lot less enthusiasm for construction and trucking as investors worry about how the end of the cycle will play out. I didn’t see enough upside in Cummins (CMI) to want to dive in back in late May, and the market-lagging return since then doesn’t exactly have me regretting that call (though Cummins has done comparatively better than most heavy machinery names over that time).

I can’t say that I feel all that differently about Cummins now. The North American truck cycle looks like it has longer legs (into 2019), but that doesn’t really change the fundamental long-term valuation picture. Likewise with the long-awaited recovery in power gen and strength in markets like mining and oil/gas. Although the shares do look a little undervalued on a near-term basis and I like the company’s ongoing moves to invest in electrification products/technology, I just don’t see the upside to warrant taking a new position now.

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Improving End-Markets And Market Share Not Enough For Cummins

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