Monday, October 15, 2018

For ABB, It's About Cycle, Self-Improvement, And Sentiment

A laggard for some time among the industrial automation and electrification players, ABB (ABB) has at least been a little “less bad” of late as sentiment has started giving the company some credit for its later-cycle end-market exposures. Now the question is whether those promising-looking exposures will deliver actual orders in the second half of the year and drive better revenue in 2019. At the same time, there is still more than casual interest in ABB’s willingness and ability to execute on some self-help moves that would largely involve slimming down and simplifying the business.

I’ve long been an owner and supporter of ABB, and I can’t say that it has done right by me. Still, compared to peers like Emerson (EMR) and Rockwell (ROK), the valuation is undemanding and offers some upside if ABB can deliver on those sentiment-shifting improvements in orders and portfolio composition.

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For ABB, It's About Cycle, Self-Improvement, And Sentiment

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