Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wabtec Looking At A Value-Creating One-Two Punch

Accustomed as I am to thinking of Wabtec (WAB) as perennially richly-valued, which for a long time it was, it's a strange thing to be continuing to advocate for buying the shares and thinking that the market is underrating this one. I understand some of the market's skepticism and worry that the assets Wabtec is buying from GE (GE) aren't in great shape, but I believe this will be a transformative acquisition for Wabtec, and I also believe the timing couldn't be better, as the company is starting to see its freight rail markets recover.

Up about 10% from when I last wrote about the stock (and when I thought it was undervalued), I've since revised my estimates for the benefits of the GE acquisition and the ongoing recovery in the freight business (as well as some challenges in the transit business). The net effect is to boost my fair value range toward $115, with potentially more upside beyond that depending upon the strength of the freight recovery and Wabtec's ability to drive synergies from the GE deal.

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Wabtec Looking At A Value-Creating One-Two Punch

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