Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Turbulence Still Hitting Copa Holdings Hard

One of the last things I said about Copa Holdings (CPA) in my last article on the company was that "adverse forex and higher fuel costs could get worse before they get better", and those twin headwinds are primarily responsible for another 5% decline in the share price since the time of that article. What's more, management's recent investor day offered up a lot of evidence to support a "soft" guidance reduction for the second half of the year - in other words, investors shouldn't be surprised to see some weakness in the third quarter results and some downward margin guidance for the fourth quarter.

It's tough to recommend a stock while expectations are still moving down, particularly when sector valuations are generally predicated on the next 12 months' financial performance. I don't think Copa is the greatest idea out there for investors who need a quick gain and/or who can't or won't accept near-term losses for longer-term gains. On a longer-term basis, though, I continue to believe the valuation is pretty interesting and even those investors not willing to accept the risks and uncertainties today should keep a closer on this one for signs of stabilization over the next three to six months.

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Turbulence Still Hitting Copa Holdings Hard

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