Sunday, June 2, 2019

Gerdau's Share Price Weakness May Not Be Entirely Reasonable

I was skittish about the near-term performance prospects for Gerdau (GGB) back in early December, and the shares have fallen about 10% since then – modestly underperforming a weak steel sector over that time. Gerdau’s share price performance hasn’t been helped by weaker steel prices in the U.S., nor a slower-to-develop recovery in Brazil, and costs continue to rise in the meantime.

I’m not all that bullish on the U.S. steel sector, but I think Gerdau has significantly upgraded their U.S. operations, and I’m more bullish on the prospects for Brazil’s steel sector over the next few years as the country makes a tentative economic recovery. Like Ternium (TX), I think Gerdau could be positioned to post EBITDA and FCF growth at a time when U.S. steelmakers will have more lackluster results, and a stronger recovery in Brazil could maintain investor enthusiasm for that region. I’m less bullish on Gerdau relative to the sell-side, but below $4/share, I think these shares are worth a look.

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Gerdau's Share Price Weakness May Not Be Entirely Reasonable

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