Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Huntington Bancshares Undervalued, But Not Looking Catalyst-Rich

Finding undervalued stocks is one thing, but finding catalysts and drivers that will close that valuation gap is often an overlooked part of the investment process (and a part of the whole “value trap” phenomenon). When I look at Huntington Bancshares (HBAN), I see a basically well-run bank trading more than 10% below fair value. I also see a bank that is forgoing some near-term growth to improve its full-cycle performance.

What I don’t see, though, is what will change investors’ minds about these shares in the near future. Worries about the health of shorter-cycle industrial markets are relevant to this Ohio/Michigan-centric back, as are the ongoing tariff issues with China and Mexico and the uncertain prospects for the USMCA. On top of that, while I think Huntington would/will do better in a banking downturn, the near-term outlook for pre-provision profit growth is pretty average-looking.

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Huntington Bancshares Undervalued, But Not Looking Catalyst-Rich

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