Monday, March 4, 2013

Seeking Alpha: AtriCure's Frustratingly Slow Build Hides Value Beneath

Many investors like to believe that all a med-tech company has to do is develop a product for an under-served market, secure FDA approval, and then sit back and count the money as it rolls in. If only it were so easy. Marketing is often overlooked as a primary challenge, as new therapies often require doctors to change their routines and practices and may threaten older, profitable ways of doing business.

That seems particularly relevant in the case of AtriCure (ATRC). While AtriCure has a good suite of products to treat atrial fibrillation, uptake has been slow and the company is still below the $100 million barrier in annual revenue. Although it's going to take time and patience for this company/stock to work on its own, the market opportunity is real and investors shouldn't ignore the potential that AtriCure attracts a bid from a larger med-tech player.

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AtriCure's Frustratingly Slow Build Hides Value Beneath

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