Monday, July 1, 2013

MassDevice: Diabetes: The Path To An Artificial Pancreas Looks A Little More Reasonable

There are more than a few similarities between the idea of building an artificial pancreas and finding the Holy Grail – everybody agrees that it would be great if it were possible, but it's definitely not easy, and more than a few people think it's a vain pursuit. To that end, while there was once again a fair bit of attention at the 73rd annual ADA meeting last week and some encouraging incremental study data, the road to success is still a long and uncertain one.

Integrating The Diagnostics And Therapeutics Into A Single Autonomous Package
An artificial pancreas, also known as a “closed loop system” has been a theoretical goal of insulin therapy almost since the invention of the insulin pump. In fact, MiniMed frequently talked of its intention to develop a fully closed-loop system prior to its acquisition by Medtronic (NYSE:MDT), and that was about 12 years ago now.

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