Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Seeking Alpha: Ironwood Has Plenty Of Market-Development Work Ahead

Biotech investors love to speculate on the basis of what a drug could generate in future sales, but relatively few of them have the patience to stick it out and support a company as it transitions from an R&D enterprise to a commercial enterprise. In cases like Ironwood (NASDAQ:IRWD) where the company has a lot of market development work to do, patience can be even thinner.

To be fair to Ironwood, the shares have done quite well over the past year (up more than 50%), but over the trailing five years the shares are up just 5% (during a red-hot biotech market). For Ironwood to work well as a stock from here, management has to deliver on its efforts to drive patient and physician awareness and that's no easy task when a large proportion of the market can arguably be suitably managed with diet modifications or cheap OTC and generic options. While the potential is here for Ironwood shares to be worth considerably more in a few years' time, I think the potential rewards and risks are pretty well balanced right now.

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Ironwood Has Plenty Of Market-Development Work Ahead

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