Thursday, January 11, 2018

DMG Mori Running On A Global Tool Recovery

Companies appear to be opening their wallets for capital investment once again, and that has been very good news for DMG Mori (OTCPK:MRSKY) ((6141.TO)). This Japanese (and German) leader in the machine tool space has seen its share price almost triple from its early 2016 lows and rise almost 80% in the last year as the company starts to leverage its strengths into an improving order cycle.

With 2017 being the first year of growth off a trough, DMG Mori ought to be looking forward to at least a few more years of solid order growth, fueled by underlying drivers that include a need to replace aging machinery, a need to automate to remain cost-competitive and deal with a skilled worker shortage, and new technologies. Even so, the strong run in the shares has already captured a sizable chunk of the value, and I would note that analysts don't seem ready to believe that this cycle will be as strong as past cycles.

DMG Mori is more richly-valued than Hurco (HURC) (which I own), and there are valid reasons why it should be - it's the largest player in the field, and it has exceptional scale and operating leverage, among other reasons. What's more, there would seem to be room for analysts to raise their expectations in the future if this cycle matches prior upswings. That said, a lot here is riding on the overall health and growth of global manufacturing, so the current spread between the share price and fair value isn't as robust as I'd like.

I would also warn U.S. investors that the ADRs for DMG Mori are not liquid at all. The Japanese shares, however, have no such problem and are a better option for those investors able and willing to go to the added trouble.

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DMG Mori Running On A Global Tool Recovery

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