Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Veeco Instruments Battered As Doubts Mount

This has been a lousy year for Veeco Instruments (VECO), as this supplier of tools for the LED and semiconductor markets has seen its share price cut in half on repeated earnings disappointments, an unexpected litigation outcome, and growing worries about the company's long-term margin and growth leverage. While the acquisition of Ultratech earlier in the year achieved the company's goal of diversification, it seems to be coming at the cost of even more volatility and uncertainty in the business.

I can see some upside in the shares from here, but it's not clear to me that it is worth the hassle and the risk. Veeco is going into 2018 with a strong backlog, but the MOCVD market could be approaching a near-term peak and serious emergent competition is eroding margins. In the advanced packaging and semiconductor businesses, Ultratech's historical volatility is continuing and there are no guarantees on the timing or magnitude of LSA or packaging-driven growth.

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Veeco Instruments Battered As Doubts Mount

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