Monday, February 1, 2016

Seeking Alpha: Cresud And The Cost Of Complexity

With so many stocks out there for investors to choose from, I have never believed that investors are obligated to put up with confusing, complicated, or unfavorable situations just to generate a little extra return. That point has really been driven home at Cresud (NASDAQ:CRESY) in recent months, as investors have grown concerned about the relationship between Cresud's majority-owned IRSA (NYSE:IRS) and Israeli holding company IDB Holding (OTC:IDBZF) (IDBD.TA).

Given that IDB's debt is non-recourse to IRSA and/or Cresud, I'm not worried about IDB "ruining" CRESY, but I am concerned that management is stretching itself far and wide and really becoming much more of a diversified holding company. I suppose that's fine if that's what you want to invest in, but as a vehicle for investing in Argentina (and particularly Argentina's farmland), I'm not sure Cresud really fits the bill for me anymore.

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Cresud And The Cost Of Complexity

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