Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Seeking Alpha: The Dell And Market Pessimism For EMC Is Too Much

Buyouts are generally supposed to produce upside for the shareholders of the company being acquired, but that hasn't been the case for EMC (NYSE:EMC) since the company announced its merger agreement with Dell back in October of 2015. While it has indeed been a lousy market for a few months now, EMC's 12% drop since the time of the deal is worse than the performance of the Nasdaq, as investors have grown increasingly worried about the weak performance of EMC's storage business, the poor performance of VMware (NYSE:VMW), and concerns that the deal may not go through at all.

I believe that the deal gets done, but even if it does not, I believe EMC would walk away with at least $4 billion in cash in its pocket and an underestimated PaaS business in Pivotal. I wouldn't expect EMC's reported storage results to improve much until mid-2016, but with a stand-alone value above today's price and very low implied value to VMware, I believe there's still upside in these shares that is worth the risk that the deal unravels.

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The Dell And Market Pessimism For EMC Is Too Much

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