Monday, February 1, 2016

Seeking Alpha: SLC Agricola Closer To Dirt Cheap

Like most equities in Brazil, reaching out to grab SLC Agricola (OTCPK:SLCJY) (SLCE3.SA) has been like grabbing a falling knife. While the local shares haven't done quite as bad (SLCE3.SA's shares down about 12%), the ADRs have fallen another 35% or so since I last wrote about the company, as the shares have been hit hard by a weak Brazilian real, some productivity challenges, and ongoing concerns both about Brazilian equities and farming companies in a lower commodity price environment.

The performance of Brazilian equities over the last year or so has been an abject lesson that things can always somehow manage to get worse. Even so, SLC Agricola's share price seems to reflect a level of pessimism that seems out of line with the real fundamentals. Although the company's land is consistently more productive than U.S. cropland when it comes to cotton and soy and not too far out of the running with corn, the market values SLCJY's land at nearly half the value of U.S. cropland. Even allowing that the challenges of the Brazilian market (including higher logistics costs) should demand a discount to U.S. values, I have to wonder whether the market isn't overly discounting the long-term value of SLC's farmland, and by extension, the shares of the company.

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SLC Agricola Closer To Dirt Cheap

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