Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Seeking Alpha: Xenoport Arguably Undervalued, But Low On Options

The days of talking about XenoPort (NASDAQ:XNPT) as a biotech are pretty much over, as the company has given up developing '829 and '279 on its own and refocused its efforts on maximizing the potential of its restless leg and postherpetic neuralgia (or PHN) drug Horizant. Unfortunately, XenoPort also really isn't a specialty pharmaceutical company either, as the company has no other marketed products and still lacks the scale (and the resources) to market Horizant to full effect.

The best outcome for XenoPort would appear to be a sale of the company to another pharmaceutical company with the primary care sales infrastructure to make Horizant a lucrative "drag and drop" addition. I believe such a transaction is worth about $6.50 to Horizant today, but I believe the shares would be worth far less in a go-it-alone scenario due to a slower revenue ramp and a lack of operating leverage. I don't presently see any meaningful value in out-licensing the portfolio.

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Xenoport Arguably Undervalued, But Low On Options

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