Sunday, December 2, 2018

BB&T Committing To Tech Over M&A To Drive Growth

In a relatively short of period of time, both the operating environment and operating philosophy of BB&T (BBT) seem to have changed in meaningful ways. Management has now gone out of its way to make clear that its priorities lie with organic, tech investment-driven growth versus M&A, while the regulatory environment seems to be moving in a direction that will allow BB&T to run a leaner, higher-yielding balance sheet.

While not all of BB&T’s recent updates were universally positive, and my fair value is not really changing at this time, all told I believe BB&T is on a good path. Although I do still believe that there are a few more deals in BB&T’s future, I can’t argue with a management strategic that is focused on being leaner and more responsive while exploiting the bank’s existing specialty capabilities.

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BB&T Committing To Tech Over M&A To Drive Growth

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