Friday, December 21, 2018

GenMark Facing New Challenges Going Into 2019

I can understand if long-term GenMark (GNMK) shareholders feel a little cursed. Although there have been plenty of self-inflicted issues that have dented management credibility and pushed back development and revenue timelines, even when management execution has been good, new challenges have emerged to threaten the company’s longer-term revenue ramp. To that end, adverse coverage decisions, prospects for a more mild flu season, and threats of/from new competitive entrants have cut these shares almost in half from their late summer peak.

GenMark shares do seem undervalued, and I believe the company’s core ePlex platform does address real and legitimate needs in the hospital testing space. I also believe, though, that competitive and reimbursement pressures are unlikely to abate and the company is likely to face some hard choices with respect to funding/liquidity before achieving cash flow breakeven. Accordingly, I have to consider this a pretty high-risk opportunity.

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GenMark Facing New Challenges Going Into 2019

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