Sunday, December 9, 2018

Rockwell Automation Still Poised Between Excellence And Uncertainty

Looking into 2019, Rockwell Automation (ROK) seems to be in familiar territory – nobody’s really questioning the operational excellence of this leader in discrete automation, but there are plenty of concerns about end-market health, where industrials sit in the cycle, and whether Rockwell is as well-positioned for the next phase of automation as it was for the last.

I typically shoot for double-digit returns when I invest, and Rockwell doesn’t seem priced to deliver that unless you think long-term FCF growth can reach that grey area between mid-single-digits and high single-digits – a level of performance that’s not impossible, but certainly not conservative to expect. Although I’m tempted to call today’s potential returns “good enough” for a stock that seldom gets all that cheap unless/until industrial stocks really go fan-ward, I do believe there could be another round of angst and stock weakness early in 2019 that could be an opportunity to pick up high-quality industrials like Rockwell.

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Rockwell Automation Still Poised Between Excellence And  Uncertainty

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