Friday, December 21, 2018

Danaher's Mix Likely To Be A Real Asset In 2019

It doesn’t seem like there’s as much disagreement now that industrial activity is slowing, and particularly in the so-called early-cycle sectors. Two years into this cycle, autos and electronics have weakened, and there are growing concerns about upstream oil/gas equipment, non-residential construction, trucks, and “general industrial” going into 2019. Challenging as that may be for companies like MMM (MMM) and Illinois Tool Works (ITW), it doesn’t really mean all that much for Danaher’s (DHR), and this multi-industrial’s strong leverage to less cyclical businesses like life science equipment, diagnostics, and water quality should add to the popularity of what is already a very well-regarded company.

Given Danaher’s end-market exposures, I think there’s a good chance that Danaher can continue to report healthy earnings growth trends in quarters where many of its industrial peers won’t. Although the valuation here is hardly cheap, that stronger relative growth could drive “flight to safety” investment decisions, though I do believe Danaher’s high valuation does create a risk of a sharper sell-off if its 2019 results disappoint and its end-markets don’t prove to be quite as safe as commonly thought.

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Danaher's Mix Likely To Be A Real Asset In 2019

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