Friday, December 27, 2013

Seeking Alpha: 2014 Looking Like A Big Year For Nektar

Long-term investors in Nektar Therapeutic (NKTR) have had a roller coaster ride over the years, as these shares have traded up and down on for particular products like inhaled insulin and Nektar's PEGylation licensing royalty streams in general. Over the last few years, though, the company has been focusing on not only increasing its share of value in its partnered programs, but using the cash generated by them to support its own proprietary development portfolio.

The next year is looking like a big one for the company, as it should have considerably more clarity about the future of its opioid-induced constipation drug and its metastatic breast cancer drug. Together these drugs encompass about half of the value I see in the shares. While Nektar must deal with the same risks and uncertainties as any biotech, I think the Street may be underpricing these shares. Even with what I think are relatively conservatives estimates for many of the lead programs, I think the shares may be almost 30% undervalued and Nektar does offer a deep pipeline of potential drug candidates.

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2014 Looking Like A Big Year For Nektar

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