Monday, June 25, 2018

Keyence Is A Key Enabler In Factory Automation

There are many moving parts to factory automation, figuratively and literally, but Keyence (OTCPK:KYCCF) (6861.T) is a key player in numerous high-value segments like sensors, control systems, measurement, and machine vision. With robotics quickly spreading beyond its traditional strongholds of auto and semiconductor assembly and into large, high-potential markets like consumer electronics, general industry, food/beverage/pharma, and logistics, Keyence has a large and growing market to serve with leading-edge products that are not only market leaders, but in many cases unique product offerings.

Keyence is priced like the leader it is, and investors may lament the lack of product/segment-level disclosure, not to mention the low (albeit consistent) volume for the ADRs. While concerns about smartphone-related capex spending and a potential slowdown in machine tool orders later this year are valid, this is a name to watch for investors who are not so value-sensitive and want to invest in gating technologies for factory and warehouse automation.

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Keyence Is A Key Enabler In Factory Automation

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