Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Market Doesn't Seem So Pumped About Weir

Weir Group (OTCPK:WEGRY, WEIR.L) got hit hard on the simultaneous declines in oil/gas and mineral/mining capex, and the company is now benefiting as spending recovers strongly in both markets. Although the bulk of Weir’s business is, and has virtually always been, its minerals business, the shorter-cycle oil/gas business tends to be the tail that wags the dog, with investors putting a lot of energy into worrying about near-term completions metrics, frac fleet spending, and market share trends.

Although I do have some longer-term market share concerns about the oil/gas business, I believe Weir is likely looking at a good stretch here of oil/gas and minerals order growth. I thought the shares offered about 5-10% upside back in late May of 2017, and the local shares are up about 10% since then. I still see a little upside from here, but investors should note the propensity for short-term excitement/worry about U.S. onshore activity to move the stock.

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The Market Doesn't Seem So Pumped About Weir

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