Monday, June 25, 2018

The Market Believes Winter Is Coming For THK

Given where we are in the cycle and the robust valuation of many factory automation stocks, and particularly those in Japan, finding one that doesn’t seem all that expensive leads to a certain level of “what am I missing?” paranoia. In the case of THK (OTCPK:THKLY) it’s not too hard to see why the shares are trading at a seemingly reasonable valuation – a surge in orders from machine tool, semiconductor equipment, and other industrial companies has driven financials, but analysts are now worried that the company is looking at impending bad news as electronics, machine tool, and general industrial orders could all slow in the next 12 months or so.

In my experience I’ve done much better trying to buy stocks like THK around the bottom rather than at the cusp of a downturn. Although that downturn may not come – electronics orders could rebound and machine tool orders may not slow as expected – the DCF valuation isn’t in “can’t miss” territory and I’m concerned that this recent upsurge has breathed a little extra life into THK’s rivals.

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The Market Believes Winter Is Coming For THK

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