Wednesday, May 15, 2019

ArcelorMittal Lagging On Weaker Markets And Margins

Steel hasn’t been a particularly popular sector over the past three months, with the sector down about 7% or so. Unimpressive as that is, it’s downright aspirational for ArcelorMittal (MT), which has seen its share price drop about 20% over that time, with a significant drop in just the last two weeks. Between uninspiring prices in most of its markets, higher costs, and concerning macro signs, there are plenty of contributing factors to consider.

I’ve said it before and it merits repeating – stocks don’t go up just because they’re cheap. It usually takes some other catalyst, some reason to believe that the tide is going to turn in a more positive direction, to get share prices moving, and that could be problematic for ArcelorMittal in the near term. While I believe management is running the business along generally sound lines, weakness in Europe and emerging concerns about the U.S. market are likely to stick around a bit longer and ArcelorMittal really needs some beat-and-raise quarters coupled with a stronger steel market to change sentiment.

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ArcelorMittal Lagging On Weaker Markets And Margins

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