Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wright Medical - No Fuss, No Drama, Just A Good Quarter

I’ve commented more than once recently that Wright Medical (WMGI) needs a run of steady, strong performance, and the March quarter was a good step in that direction. Revenue was good overall, gross margin was strong, and there wasn’t much that really needed explaining. What’s more, looking around the neighborhood, it looks like some of the competitive pressure has eased a bit, giving Wright Medical a smoother runaway to reestablishing reliable double-digit growth and its credentials as the leader in extremities.

With a quarter that offered few surprises, there’s not much to do on a modeling or valuation front, so I still think these shares deserve to trade closer to the mid-$30’s. The stock has been a little weak relative to the device space since the AAOS meeting, but I don’t see any near-term competitive concerns coming out of that meeting. While Wright Medical has earned a reputation for being more volatile than it probably should be, I do think the company is on a solid path now and represents a good GARP (“growth at a reasonable price”) set-up.

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Wright Medical - No Fuss, No Drama, Just A Good Quarter

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