Sunday, May 5, 2019

Eaton Keeping Its Ducks In A Row And Still Undervalued

In the context of my general view of "long-cycle good, short-cycle bad", Eaton's (ETN) performance was largely as I expected in the first quarter. The stock performance also continues to support my general idea that Eaton, along with Honeywell (HON) is a better-than-average choice right now, as the shares have outperformed its industrial peers since the fourth quarter report (though not keeping pace with Honeywell!).

I still have my worries about shorter-cycle industrial markets, but I think Eaton's broad exposure to a wide range of end markets across a wide range of geographies helps insulate it somewhat, and I think the company is well-placed to benefit from growth opportunities in areas like data centers, aerospace, and perhaps some renewed vigor in oil & gas. The shares aren't dramatically cheap but still offer relatively decent upside in a sector where a lot of names have gotten pricey and where expectations have gotten more and more demanding.

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Eaton Keeping Its Ducks In A Row And Still Undervalued

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