Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Dana Caught Up In Several Cross-Currents

I was puzzled by Dana’s (DAN) valuation back in October, thinking that the shares looked undervalued even factoring in a weaker near-term outlook for light vehicles and an eventual end to the heavy truck boom. Lending some support to my notion that stocks don’t move up just because they’re cheap, the shares are more or less in the same place now (down about 5%), albeit with a steep drop into the close of 2018 and a rally in the interim.

Now Dana is in the middle of that light vehicle slowdown, and heavy trucks in North America are enjoying an extended peak, but orders have been plunging. Meanwhile, heavy off-road machinery has been looking a little wobbly lately. So even though Dana has built up a strong electrification portfolio that management believes will help drive revenue to over $10 billion in 2023, nobody seems to believe that today. With the shares undervalued even at lower long-term growth rates, valuation remains a head-scratcher and I’m increasingly tempted to take a flyer on this name.

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Dana Caught Up In Several Cross-Currents

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