Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Harsco Shifting From Turnaround To Transformation

Harsco (HSC) is a case-in-point as to why I say that successful turnarounds can exceed your expectations at the start of the turnaround, as management has done a great job of improving its core Metals & Minerals business and it seems as though some of the changes made to the Rail business are about to start paying off. On top of that, Harsco benefited from lucky timing (always a good thing in a turnaround) with the global recovery in steel production and in markets like oil/gas (for its heat exchangers).

Now management is underway with a transformation process that is seeing the company become less of a multi-industrial hodgepodge and more of a focused player in industrial-environmental markets like waste reclamation and treatment. Although the bigger move into waste treatment carries some operational risk, I believe management has earned the benefit of the doubt with respect to its ability to execute.

As for the shares, even with this recent sell-off, the shares are up about 10% from the time of my last article. I saw high $20’s to low $30’s value then, and I still see that now, and a return to the low $20’s in a broader market sell-off would be an opportunity to consider.

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Harsco Shifting From Turnaround To Transformation

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